Monday, April 8, 2013

Fated (Review)

Fated (The Soul Seekers, #1)Book: Fated
Author: Alyson Noel
Series: The Soul Seekers, #1
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Format: Paperback
Pages: 352
Source: Purchased

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Immortals, Alyson Noël, comes Fateda breathtaking new saga brimming with magic, mystery, and an intoxicating love story that will steal your heart away. Meet The Soul Seekers.

Strange things are happening to Daire Santos. Crows mock her, glowing people stalk her, time stops without warning, and a beautiful boy with unearthly blue eyes haunts all her dreams. Fearing for her daughter’s sanity, Daire’s mother sends her to live with the grandmother she’s never met. A woman who recognizes the visions for what they truly are—the call to her destiny as a Soul Seeker—one who can navigate the worlds between the living and dead.

There on the dusty plains of Enchantment, New Mexico, Daire sets out to harness her mystical powers. But it’s when she meets Dace, the boy from her dreams, that her whole world is shaken to its core. Now Daire is forced to discover if Dace is the one guy she's meant to be with...or if he’s allied with the enemy she's destined to destroy.
My Rating:
In the beginning this novel was really slow paced to the point where I almost gave up. I found that I had to actually force myself to get through the first third of the book. After that I really got into the story and I enjoyed it greatly.
I found the use of native American beliefs to be extremely interesting and really gave the story something real to focus on. There are also Spanish beliefs mixed into this novel as well and surprisingly the two beliefs compliment each other really well to make the story flow.
I loved the whole idea for the book. A teenage girl with mystical powers who has the ability to travel between the three worlds to try and stop an evil force from taking over. And to make the story even better the evil this girl has to battle comes in the form of an attractive teenage guy AND she doesn't go gaga over him which was a major bonus. To make matters worse he has a twin brother who is the complete opposite and has a strong connection with Daire.
There are exciting moments in this book where Daire is travelling between the different worlds and she gets put into situations where she could be caught at any moment or even killed. These parts were extremely well done and I found myself on the edge of my seat hoping Daire could get out okay. The points between these exciting adventures are so full of information and description that you can't help but be intrigued.
As for the characters I really liked almost all of them. Daire tended to get on my nerves in the beginning. She was always complaining and it really seemed like she only cared what people looked like. The way she acted made me believe that she thought she was better than everyone else. Throughout the story however she really seems to change and actually becomes quite caring and interesting. Dace was such a sweet character. He takes care of the people he cares about and doesn't expect anything in return. Cade on the other hand was a complete jerk. He seems to have ulterior motives whenever he does anything and I found myself really disliking him.
I loved the intricate story and the mystical aspects in this book. I am definitely going to be reading the sequel Echo and I hope it is just as exciting and interesting.


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