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Blog Tour: The Circle of Tivedon. Review, Excerpt and Giveaway

Tour Sign-Ups: The Circle of Tivedon by Ryan Shorten
The Circle of TivedonBook: The Circle of Tivedon
Author: Ryan Shorten
Format: Paperback
Pages: 251
Source: Provided by the author for the blog tour
My Rating: 4 stars
Attending Tivedon should have been the most exciting time in Jayl's young life. However, when inexplicable things begin to darken the hallowed halls of of the school and he's accused of murder, Jayl finds himself thrust into a quest to save himself, his home, and ultimately all of Tiertyn itself.

~Taken from the back of the book.

I am not a huge fan of fantasy but I really enjoyed this book. The world it was set in was really well built and the characters were very likeable.
The story starts off with a teenager and his sister going to a school to learn politics and diplomacy but they end up learning far more than what they imagined. The lessons that these students are taught were extremely interesting and I enjoyed the professors who taught them.
I loved the adventure that these students set out on, it was full of danger and these teenagers had a huge weight placed on their shoulders. Saying this, they did not loose their silly ways and their humor, which is one thing that I really enjoyed throughout the story.
I really liked the main character Jayl, he was a shy person and I found myself really connecting with his character. He liked to spend most of his time in the library reading books and hung out with a close circle of friends. Then we had his sister Myah, she's the complete opposite of her brother, she's outgoing and isn't soft spoken. We're also introduced to the students who become their friends throughout the story, there is Heret who is strange at times but extremely funny and then there is Calum who is a logical person who spent his youth fighting alongside the soldiers in his home country.
The plot of this novel was extremely interesting. A dark force that is threatening to take over and destroy the world and it is up to teenagers to save the day just makes for a great story line. The fight scenes in this novel were fast paced and full of action and there was never a dull moment.
The only thing that bothered me about this novel was that the characters were supposed to be older teens but they came off as a lot younger than they really were. I imagined them being in their younger teens as opposed to their late to older teens.
I never found myself getting bored with this story, when there wasn't fast paced action to keep you on the edge of your seat there was mysteries going on and interesting discussions on the history of the land that these characters live in. If you are a fan of fantasy and adventure you should definitely check this book out!
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Lady Halwenth looked past Toamus and let out an anguished cry before slumping into the outstretched arms of Sir Salvren. Jayl took a long look at the slain man, easily visible now that the guards had spread out. A streak of red ran down the side of his head and his neck seemed slightly askew. The hands were balled into fists, one of which clutched a torn piece of black cloth. Jayl thought instantly of the black-robed figure he had been chasing. .His eyes then recognized the long, silvery white hair of the figure on the ground.
Sir Palynt Wytund.
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