Friday, August 15, 2014

The Royals, Volume 1: Eddie by Missy Kirtley

22839906The Royals, Volume 1: Eddie by Missy Kirtley
Series: The Royals, #1
Publisher: Createspace
Format: Paperback
Pages: 62
Source: Author for review.

The Royal family's fortune came from the Royal Car Company, founded by Charles Royal I. His son took over the company, married, and had six children. As close to American Royalty as possible, due to the fame of the company that bears their name, the children grew up in the spotlight. How much or how little it affected them is yet to be seen.

The eldest of the Royal children, Charles, purchased a house in Burbank, California, sight unseen. His younger brother, Eddie, is helping set up the home for his arrival. When Eddie sees a beautiful, young woman in the window next door he is instantly smitten. When he starts asking about her he's told that only an old woman lives in that house. Who is the woman on the other side of the fence? Will Eddie get to the bottom of this mystery?

I loved the idea of fairy tales set in the real world without magic, dragons, witches etc, which is exactly why I agreed to read and review this book when I was offered the chance. I loved the story and the characters and how it just flowed. The plot was really cool as well, a boy setting up a house for his brother and sees a girl who he just falls for, but nobody else seems to know that she lives there and he's doing anything to try to get to know her.

I never saw the ending coming either. I figured something totally different was going to end up happening and I was pleasantly surprised by the route the story took. Even though this was a really short novelette, it still managed to reel me in and keep me entertained. I found myself really loving the characters and was really routing for them and hoping that things turned out okay in the end.

If you like short stories that really focus on the characters then I highly recommend this one. It kind of had a little mystery to it as to who the girl was and it had a really adorable ending. The only issue that I had with the story is that I wish it was longer, but I cannot wait until I can read the second book in the series and get to know another one of the characters.

**Copy provided via the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.**

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