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Chasers by H.W. Vivian

21821174Chasers by H.W. Vivian
Series: N/A
Publisher: LuLu Publishing Services
Format: Paperback
Pages: 287
Source: Received for review.

The small town of Winston, Colorado, has a secret-one that hides in its children. Long ago, there were many children who suffered from the local "condition." There are fewer of them now, but Shelby is one of them. She was born with a ruby embedded in her skin. In the same year, two other kids in town, Gary and May, were born with emeralds. Now a teenager, Shelby nurses a crush on Gary, while he sticks close to the fragile May and tries to protect her from, among other things, Shelby's bullying. Despite their differences, however, their births connect them; when May goes missing, Gary needs Shelby's help. Together, Shelby and Gary learn the unspeakable truth about each other-and about the chasers. Death lurks around every turn; in order to survive, Shelby, Gary, and May must work together. It is now their responsibility to save an entire generation of people also born with their "condition" before a century-old grudge destroys them all.

This one took a little while to get into but once the action got started I was hooked. I had to know what would happen to Shelby, Gary and May to the point that I was staying up late trying to reach the end. This is like nothing I have ever read before, the idea that these kids have a debt to pay due to something that happened a long time ago and therefore have this really weird curse was just plain interesting.
Even though the beginning in this one is kind of slow, it does pick up and the events that the three teenagers have to go through is definitely action packed. One of the main things that drew me into this was the friendship between the characters. They would have risked their lives for each other in an instant, even though May and Shelby did not get along in the beginning.
The one thing that really took away from the story for me was Shelby. I just did not like her and I could not connect with her at all. She was selfish and nasty and a major brat. She did turn around towards the end but I just could not start liking her. May on the other hand was a sweetheart. Both her and Gary were my favorites. They stuck together through everything and Gary was so protective of May and definitely proved that guys and girls could be friends without romance being thrown in.
If you're looking for a quick read with an interesting back story I recommend that you give this one a chance. The action is fast paced and the fact that all of these teens would risk their lives for their friends really brings a lot to the story.
**Copy provided via the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.**

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