Friday, November 15, 2013

Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff

Paper ValentinePaper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff
Series: N/A
Publisher: Razorbill
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 304
Source: Borrowed from the library

The city of Ludlow is gripped by the hottest July on record. The asphalt is melting, the birds are dying, petty crime is on the rise, and someone in Hannah Wagnor’s peaceful suburban community is killing girls.

For Hannah, the summer is a complicated one. Her best friend Lillian died six months ago, and Hannah just wants her life to go back to normal. But how can things be normal when Lillian’s ghost is haunting her bedroom, pushing her to investigate the mysterious string of murders? Hannah’s just trying to understand why her friend self-destructed, and where she fits now that Lillian isn’t there to save her a place among the social elite. And she must stop thinking about Finny Boone, the big, enigmatic delinquent whose main hobbies seem to include petty larceny and surprising acts of kindness.

With the entire city in a panic, Hannah soon finds herself drawn into a world of ghost girls and horrifying secrets. She realizes that only by confronting the Valentine Killer will she be able move on with her life—and it’s up to her to put together the pieces before he strikes again.

This was an interesting book for me. Being my first Brenna Yovanoff book I can definitely say that I am impressed. The description is what really drew me in because to be honest I love murder mysteries. And add the fact that the girl is being haunted by her dead best friend really made the story even creepier.

The twists this book really had me on the edge of my seat. I really wanted to know who the killer was and why the ghosts were contacting Hannah. The mystery was definitely enough to keep me interested until the end and the author's writing style definitely made this a quick and easy read.

I loved Hannah. She was so naïve about what was going on. While others would be suspicious she was so trusting. Then there was Finny. Oh jeez, I admit I didn't like him in the beginning. He was a bad boy, I usually like the bad boys but for some reason he really bothered me to begin with. As the story progressed however, I actually began to like him.

I honestly had no idea who the murderer really was. I had my suspicions throughout the book but they were all completely wrong. In a way I'm glad that was the case because it would have been pretty boring if I knew everything that was going to happen.

If you're looking for a quick read that has mystery and supernatural elements then check this one out. The sweet romance that is also involved doesn't weigh the book down but adds another side to the story and makes it really interesting.

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  1. I couldn't get myself to like Finny. I wanted to because he seemed nice but I hate all the descriptions of him. I definitely think he and Hannah worked, I'm just not a big fan of him personally. I liked how uncomfortable Paper Valentine made me feel in general. I think that's the point and it succeeded in that aspect.

    Aly @ My Heart Hearts Books