Thursday, September 5, 2013

Introducing my new co-bloggers

Hey guys! I've recently added two new co-bloggers to Book-A-Holic since blogging has become a full time thing for me and I'm really falling behind. One of my co-bloggers is actually my sister and the other co-blogger is our friend Katie. So the girls are going to be introducing themselves below and I hope you guys give them a warm welcome. You should be seeing some new things from all of us really soon!

Hi everyone! I'm really excited to interact with all of you through my first ever blogging experience as I start helping Sarah and her sister with this blog. I'm open to almost every genre of literature, although I do admit when I find a book or series I really love (Lately it's been The Mortal Instruments, I'm currently re-reading City of Ashes, and I recently finished re-reading Warm Bodies prior to City of Bones) I tend to want to read it over continuously until I memorize everything. It's an annoying habit but I promise to make my posts as interesting and my book choices as diverse as possible to keep you all entertained! Nice meeting all of you!

- Katie :)

Hello there! I'm Jen and, like Katie above, I am happy to help Sarah with her blog. I will write reviews when I finish a book, which with school opening back up, may be a little difficult. I will try however. Keep checking back!


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