Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Romantic Suspense Short Fiction Giveaway by Jac Wright: 10 Copies of THE CLOSET (Summerset Tales #1)

This giveaway is being run by the author.
Borrow Free on Kindle Prime or enter to win one of 10 copies of THE CLOSET (Summerset Tales #1) , the first in literary crime short fiction series.
Borrow FREE on Kindle Prime: “The Closet” on Kindle Prime | Follow the link to enter the giveaway: Link for the giveaway

Inline images 1Love is a battlefield. Who will come out of it alive?
Harry Duncan Wood runs a hotel in the historic city of Bath with his beautiful young wife. When he falls in love with Mill House, an old greystone farmhouse on the banks of river Avon among the soaring hills of Somerset, and sets about moving his family there, the first appearances of the cracks in the marriage take him by surprise. Is his wife seeing another man? Duncan needs to get to the bottom of the affairs for his own sanity. Sometimes, however, ignorance is bliss and will also keep everybody alive.
Jac Wright is a published poet, a published author, and an electronics engineer who lives in England. The Closet is the first in Wright’s collection of literary short fiction, Summerset Tales, in which Wright explores characters struggling against their passions and social circumstances in the contemporary semi-fictional region of England called Summerset, but with an added element of suspense. The collection is published serially in the tradition of Charles Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers and Thomas Hardy’s Wessex Tales. The first Summerset tale, The Closet, accompanies the first title in the author’s full-length literary suspense series, THE RECKLESS ENGINEER, published by Soul Mate Publishing, New York.
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